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Great Ethnic Song and Dance Epic



Zhangjiajie·Charming Western Hunan


序 ·火 鼓

Preface·Fire Drumming


People here can not live without the fire and drum. Inspired by the strong drumbeat and the heat of fire, they are passionate, imaginative, brave and strong.


第一章  浪漫湘西

Chapter 1  Romantic Western Hunan




The Border Town·Emerald


The Border Town was a representative work of Shen Congwen, a Modernistic famous writer of China. This work vividly presented a emotional story among three people—Emerald、Tianbao、Nuosong,which would have purely deduced the humanity truth in natural mountain.


Yao Ethnic·Climbing For Love


In Western Hunan, the boys of the Yao minority have their own style of chasing girls. They express their love by singing and dancing, and the girl’s choice rests on how the boy climbs the stairs.



Bai Ethnic·A Lamp stand on the Mulberry Tree



Sangzhi Folk Songs of Zhangjiajie are the National Intangible Cultural Heritage. Among them,A Lamp stand on the Mulberry Tree, is regarded as the sweetest love song in the world.


第二章  神秘湘西

Chapter 2  Mysterious Western Hunan




Ancestors' story


As a vestige of remote antiquity, The Hairy Men is called “ a living fossil of primitive drama”. In Tujia culture, The Hairy Men is performed to express ancestor worship, the eagerness for harvest and the staged crazy obsession to reproduce.


Song of Great Wizard·the Mask of God


Song of the Great Wizard is a glorious Tujia epic. It has specifically described Tujia from different aspects, from the origin, multiply, living, war and migration to the geography, philosophy, etc.



第三章  快乐湘西

Chapter 3  Happy Western Hunan



The Big Carnival


All the local people in western Hunan are quite hospitable. They all drink, sing, and happily dance with visitors at dining-tables set in rows. The festival is also named the Chinese Carnival.





9th, July of Chinese calendar is a special day of Tujia. It is named as eastern Valentine’s day. In this day, boys and girls of Tujia are all neatly dressed. They express their love by singing sonorously; it is like the sound of nature, reaching the cloud and also into hearts of lovers.


Tears of Marriage


The bride in Tujia and Miao keep crying for a month before get married. They cry for leaving the motherland; also they cry to thank their parents for bring them up; they cry for the good times spending with their brothers and sisters.


第四章  激情湘西

Chapter 4   Passionate Western Hunan



Heroes Return Home


“The Walking dead” is one of the three old mysteries of Western Hunan. In ancient times, it was difficult to transport back home the coffins of heroes who died abroad. So the Wizards made the corpses walk back home and be buried. This is called “The walking dead”. In 1900, General Luo Rongguang led troops in Dagu to keep out the eight-power allied forces when he was 67 years old…



尾声  魅力湘西

Epilogue  Charming Western Hunan


If romance is the great natural endowment of Western Hunan , mystery is the trait of Western Hunan, happiness is the natural instincts of Western Hunan, passion will be the spiritual wealth. All of these consist of all flavor of Zhangjiajie and Charming Western Hunan.

尾声  张家界情歌

Epilogue  Love Song of Zhangjiajie


In Zhangjiajie, there are many love songs. Lovers sing songs loudly to each other, in direct and simple ways.